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A group of parishiners at the unveiling of the sign ...
With Fr. Doherty still convalescing from his earlier surgery, it was decided to go ahead with the unveiling of the Commemorative sign outside the Church after Sunday morning Mass celebrated by Fr. Keogh. In the presence of the members of the Bi-Centenary Committee and a good number of parishioners, the sign showing St. Laurence as he is depicted in the stained glass window of the Church, with a silhouette of a priest and congregation of 1804 was unveiled to approving comments.

The sign had been executed by Tony Walsh, Ballyrandle and erected by the Committee to proudly remind parishioners and show the passing members of the public that the Church of St. Laurence is one of the oldest in the Diocese and is proud of its history and heritage.

It was maintained there throughout the year and will be preserved in the Parish Archive for the benefit of future generations.

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