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September - Family Fun Day ...

Just about all the ingredients for a very memorable occasion came together on Sunday 10th August for the Family Fun Day held in the local Community Field as part of the Bi-Centenary Celebrations.

As people emerged after Mass, they were disappointed to find that fog had descended, but luckily, it burned off before lunch and the sun shone for the start of the celebrations.

The Fancy Dress Parade from the Church to the Field led by the Dungarvan Brass Band made its way to the Community Field in glorious sunshine more reminiscent of July.

There, a crowd of several hundred people, mostly in family groups took part in a series of events from the traditional novelty races, to penalty shooting, clothes-pegging and a lengthy general knowledge written quiz.

The characters in the Fancy Dress Parade were representative of the Olympic successes, local happenings and the usual colourful selection of cartoon and film characters.

The various sporting events each held points for the winning families and there was a good deal of good-natured rivalry during the afternoon.

September - Family Fun Day ...

It was universally voted a most enjoyable occasion and another success for the Bi-Centenary Committee.

Helping Anne Ryan and the members of the Committee members on the day were Philip Coles who co-ordinated the events and the members of Ballinroad Soccer Club.

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